Service Dog

I’ve always been a helpful dog.  It’s just my nature.  When I see someone in need of assistance, I step right up and offer a helping paw.

Take yesterday, for instance.  Mom and Dad have been complaining for weeks about their internet service.  So yesterday, a technician came to fix it and I was right there, helping.  Even when it meant squeezing in next to his tool box, getting up close and personal, and turning a deaf ear to Dad telling me to get out of the way.  It took us almost three hours, but you know what?  We fixed it! And I know it would have taken much longer without my assistance.

I don’t like to brag about myself, but the truth is, I can help with just about anything.  I help around the house all the time.  Mom likes to keep a clean house, so whenever anyone spills food on the floor, I snarf it right up.  I also rearrange the throw pillows on the sofa from time to time, because she never places them just right.  But most importantly, I make sure our house stays free of pests, especially flies.  If I see a fly in the house, I chase it down until I catch it, even if it means jumping up on a table or crashing into the window blinds.  I’m that dedicated.  Once I catch the fly (and I always catch it eventually), I dispatch it humanely and neatly by eating it.  Flies don’t taste very good, but dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do.

I’m also very helpful in the yard.  I chase away any squirrels, rabbits or chipmunks that wander in before they can eat any of our flowers, and I bark (loudly and persistently) at any dog that goes by just to let them know I’m on duty here.  Constant vigilance is essential in these matters, despite what my parents seem to think.  (They may say they want me to be quiet, but I know that deep down, they’re grateful for my service.)  I also help Mom with her Spring planting by digging holes wherever I think the flowers should go.  She might not always use the holes I’ve dug, but I just know she appreciates the thought.

Still, I think the area where I really shine is childcare.  The grandchildren come over a lot, and when they do, I go to work.  First, I make sure they feel welcome when they walk in the door.  Lots of jumping, whining, excited barking, etc. lets them know just how glad I am they’re here.  But I’m good at other things too.  If they’re putting together a puzzle on the floor, I use my nose to push the pieces around to help them along.  If they’re served some food they don’t want to eat, all they have to do is slip it under the table to me and I dispose of it.  And if they’re throwing a ball around, I’ll chase it down and sometimes even bring it back to them.

Sure, it’s hard work to be so helpful all the time, but I don’t mind.  It’s what I’m good at, and besides….it’s the best way I know to show my family just how much they mean to me.

Love, Finn

76 thoughts on “Service Dog

  1. Finn, what an accomplishment to get that cable fixed! Get yourself a tool box and mom and dad will never have to call in a service technician again! Catching flies is another excellent service. They are so bothersome. Maybe, if you’re a belly rub sort of guy, mom and dad will lavish some attention for all your hard work if you flop yourself over on your back in front of them and look adoringly into their eyes.

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    • Thank you! I was very proud of the assistance I gave the technician. And he liked me too, I could tell. And yes, I do give my parents that eye, and they do give me belly rubs! It’s just wonderful….. Love, Finn

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  2. Finn, you are an awesome dog! If your owners can’t understand all your helpful ways … like catching flies is super helpful (I think), then they really need dog understanding school.😂🤣 Ann, personally I know you don’t need any sort of dog school with your experience but wanted Finn to feel better about “helping out”.😊❤️

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    • Thank you so much! And don’t worry, I put myself to bed every night after dinner. It takes a very big emergency (or a whole lot of treats) to get me to budge from my bed after 7:00 or so. That way, I make sure I get plenty of rest! Love, Finn


  3. Oh, Finn, you really are such a good dog – you deserve a gold star. Your Mom and Dad are very lucky to have you. You are a dog after my own heart, as I love chasing and eating flies, too. Personally, I think they’re rather yummy. An acquired taste, I think.

    My Mum says as you’re so good at chasing off the squirrels and rabbits in your garden, do you think you could come over to our house and chase the birds and mice away? But please, don’t listen to her as that’s my territory, and what would she do without the gifts I catch for her? The only problem is my Mum doesn’t appreciate these furry or feathered presents I keep bringing her. The last time I carefully chose a mouse from the garden, I generously gave it to her, and she took it away and looked after it, but honestly, anyone would think Mr Mouse owned the place. She kept talking to it and totally ignored me. I didn’t even get a thank you for that present. I don’t know, Finn, you just can’t get the parents these days, can you? Love Peanut 😾.

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    • Oh, Peanut, I feel your pain! We love our humans, but sometimes they just don’t understand the simplest things, like what a wonderful gift a mouse is. (I could picture my mom doing the same thing yours did if I brought her a live mouse.) All we can do is be patient with them and keep trying to educate them. Hang in there, and let me know if you need some help or advice! Love, Finn

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    • Thank you so much! You know, I’m not really sure what kind of flowers Mom plants. I just dig the holes nice and deep so that whatever kind she puts in will fit. Sometimes she tells me that she wants to put them in pots, not the ground, but I want to give her options, so I keep on digging the holes. Love, Finn

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  4. What a GOOD boy you are, Finn!! I Monkey am frantically taking notes so I, too, can be a good pup to my family. It’s not easy, is it, when they’re trying to interfere with us pups just doing our jobs? But I hear ya, buddy — a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. One time, I tried to beat Mama to catch a fly, but my teeth came into contact with the back of her hand (I didn’t know she was that fast!!). There might have been a bit of blood, and she was upset. I tried to lick it away — just offering to help, ya know? — but she was mad. And I haven’t tried that again, I assure you!

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    • Thanks for the compliment, Monkey! And yes, I understand what you mean about trying to help and sometimes all you get in return is a rebuke! The hard thing about having teeth is that sometimes we graze people’s skin when we don’t even mean to, and they get all upset about that, even when it’s an accident. Mom keeps telling me to keep my mouth closed around people, but sometimes I just have to open it, you know? I mean, how do you catch flies with a closed mouth? It’s a mystery for sure…. Love, Finn

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    • Thank you, Miss Diana! If you give me your address (and probably either a train ticket or a plane ticket) I’d be glad to come over and take care of those flies for you. Because that’s what I am: a helper! Love, Finn

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  5. Hi Finn. This is Ruby. I know what you mean about being helpful. I tried to help the man install our water filtration system but dad kept telling me to get out of the way and every time I put my ball in his tool bag mom took it out. I have gotten good at making sure the chickens behave. If they get on a chair or in the barn where they don’t belong I chase them out. I can also make them go in their coop at night. My most favorite job is making sure my people have clean faces. I don’t know how much mom appreciates me licking her face though – she always laughs and says, “OK that’s enough.”

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    • Ruby, it sounds as if you are a great helper! Why your dad doesn’t understand that is a mystery to me. (But you know he loves you anyway.) And I think it’s very thoughtful of you to help your mom clean her face! Sometimes humans just don’t “get” us, do they? Hang in there and just keep right on helping! Love, Finn

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