I’m having major problems with my blog, so I’m just testing to see if this post is actually published.  If you see it, at least that’s one less problem!

But if you comment and I don’t respond, please know that I can’t respond.  Word Press is allowing me to post, but not recognizing me as the author of my own blog.  Does anyone else use the Word Press app to blog?  Their techs as suggesting the problem is my browser and telling me to use that.  Any advice would be appreciated, even if it is not recognized (only because I can’t respond!)

Thanks so much!!!

62 thoughts on “Testing

    • I wondered about that, after one of the happiness engineers gave me a lecture about not appreciating the evolution of technology that was, eventually, going to allow me to take blogging to new heights. He actually wrote that. So far, the changes they’ve made have made me reach new lows, as I still can’t like or reply to comments on my posts because my home page thinks I’m not logged in, no matter how many times I log in. My son showed me how to do it from the dashboard, which is the only reason I’m replying now!

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    • So man people have said that, and I’m so grateful! The happiness engineer literally said it would solve all my problems, but not a single reader agreed with that. So I’m not going to download it. I have enough problems as it is.

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    • Yeah, I have Firefox and I can’t like or reply to comments on my post there anymore (although I did for six years!) I’m doing this from the dashboard, which my son showed me. Thank goodness for helpful readers and a son with an IT background. He checked out my browser and said, “Yeah, something’s screwed up, but it’s not your computer….”


    • No, it’s not, because my Mac has Firefox, and that’s where I’m having the issues! But I had similar issues last year on my I-pad, and just assumed it was the I-pad. Now I know it’s Word Press, although they don’t know how to fix it. Thanks for the comment, though!!!

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  1. I see you!! A friend of mine cannot comment on my posts any longer. It shows up anonymous. And,
    I cannot get logged into the app from my iPad. On my laptop, I cannot preview my post from the post. I have to go all the way out to my dashboard and preview it from there. Such a hassle. I haven’t liked WordPress since the big update.

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    • Sadly, my experience has been very different. They’re friendly enough, but just tell me the problem is my browser, suggest I change it (two separate ones didn’t work), lecture me about being resistant to change, tell me I’m probably logged into the wrong account, etc. And each time I send an email, I get a new person who clearly doesn’t know the history of the problem. And the problem is that I’m recognized as the administrator of my blog when I go to my stats page, and can access the dashboard there (that’s how I’m answering you), but when I go to my home page where my posts are, I’m a visitor…..no matter how many times I log in (to the correct account.) They haven’t even answered my last two emails, and my attempt at the live chat I paid for are ignored. I guess it’s just the luck of the draw who helps you?

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  2. Yes received this “Test”. I too am having trouble navigating WordPress and have been using Facebook, which I hate. I just wish they would stop changing everything as well as assuming all Blog writers are “commercial” and using a blog to sell something!! Keep up your great posts.

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    • I think you’re right, it’s no longer a “writer friendly” platform. I’d love to keep blogging, but right now, I still can’t get my own post to recognize me as the administrator, and WP has been no help. I’m answering comment from my dashboard (my son showed me how) but who knows how long that will last? I’m sorry to hear you’re having troubles too!


    • I haven’t tried the app yet, because everyone who mentioned it said they didn’t care for it. I’ve been just blogging through the site for six years, but a few days ago I noticed that I could no longer comment on some blogs without signing in each and every time (with password), and as of two days ago, my own blog didn’t recognize me on my home page, but it does on my dashboard. How does that make sense?? Thanks for the suggestion, though. I honestly have more faith that I’ll find the solution through one of my readers than from Word Press!

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  3. You showed up in my Reader and I can get to your post and comment too.
    As for a solution, my computer updated and really messed up my stuff. I had to reboot the computer and then go into my browser settings and “allow” WordPress and my blog specifically! Once I did that everything went back to normal.

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    • How did you see where to allow Word Press and your bog? I have a Mac, using Firefox as my browser. My son looked at my browser and didn’t see anything he could adjust, but he may have missed something. Thanks so much for sharing that!!


        • Yes, my son showed me how to do it on the dashboard….but on my actual post, Word Press still thinks I’m a stranger! It is so frustrating! I knew I couldn’t blog forever, but I wanted to be the one to decide when I stopped, you know? This feels as if I’m being forced out, because I keep getting bounced from one “happiness engineer” to another, and although some are more helpful than others, none have come up with a solution, or even managed to name the problem. One did accuse me of being afraid to embrace the evolution of technology, though!

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            • You and me both! I wanted to be the one to decide when I quit blogging, not get forced out by a Word Press glitch. But the bad news is, I logged onto my blog at both my I-Pad and my son’s computer, and am having the exact same problem that I am on my computer. Which means it’s a blog problem, not an issue with my computer. And that’s a problem because WP happiness engineers keep saying it’s a problem only with my computer.

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