Five Years Later

I’ve been blogging for five years now, and when you do something for five years, you’re bound to learn a thing or two.  To begin with, I learned that time really does fly when you’re having fun, because it just doesn’t seem as if five whole years have gone by since I started this blog.   I can still remember how I struggled to figure out how to create a blog, and how I felt both nervous and proud when I finally managed to publish my first blog post.

It wasn’t long before I realized that the blog stats I checked so obsessively really didn’t mean all that much, because they weren’t particularly accurate.  I have many regular readers who don’t follow my blog, and I have even more followers who never read a single post.  I also noticed that the posts I liked best weren’t always the ones that generated the most views.  Eventually, I figured out that what made writing a particular post most worthwhile was when one of my readers was kind enough to let me know that my writing spoke to them.  Because face it, if something we write touches even one person in a significant way, then that post was well worth the effort.

I sometimes have trouble embracing change, but blogging has taught me that change is not always a bad thing.  I think all bloggers enjoy having a core group of “blogging friends” who read and support each other’s blogs, and I was lucky enough to find such a group early on.  I’m not at all sure I would have stuck with my blog without their encouragement.  But most of the people in my initial core group have dropped out of Word Press, and been replaced by other new friends who have ventured into the blogging world.  The blogging community is constantly changing, and I’ve learned to accept that and be grateful for each new connection it brings me.

Blogging has also made me much less cynical, because it’s taught me that, despite what the news media would have us believe, most people are basically good.  When I first started blogging, I was very intimidated by the fact that readers would be able to comment directly on my posts.  I was quite sure I was going to have to deal with lots of spam and nasty responses.  But 99% of the comments I’ve received have been positive.  And they usually generate interesting discussions among people who seem to be both kind and intelligent, and willing to be share their experience and knowledge.  That’s the sort of thing that gives me hope for our world.

Finally, the most important thing my blog has taught me is to be willing to take a risk now and then, especially when it involves something I’ve always wanted to do.  If I hadn’t worked up the nerve to hit that “publish” button for the first time, I would have missed out on so much just because I was too afraid to try something new.   And the past five years wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun…..

151 thoughts on “Five Years Later

  1. You wrote “out-loud” everything I think inside. Blogging is a mind-boggling, surprising and amazing opportunity to meet people from all over the world; to share our writing with each other; to LEARN about each other – our lives, our joys and fears; and to, yes, realize that in general, the world is populated with kind, good people. What a win/win! ❤

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    • I think that most of us bloggers have experienced that, which is why we keep blogging! I know I have learned so much from reading other people’s blogs, including how to share my thoughts and feelings in a way that others can relate to (and your blog is one of the ones that sets a great example of that!) It truly is a win/win. Thanks for the comment!!

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  2. Congratulations on five years. Time flies, doesn’t it? I suspect the bulk of us share your thoughts and experiences from blogging on this platform – not at all the nasty hater environment other platforms seem to have. Here’s to five more!

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    • Thanks, Dave! I know… Some of us use our blogs for essays, some for photography, some for poetry, and some do a little of each, but we get those kind of positive connections from our blog that make the effort so worthwhile. I have learned so much about Oregon (and other areas) from your blog. Which is a big reason it is still on my “places I must visit” list!

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  3. Congrats! Five years is quite an accomplishment. I enjoyed reading the things that you’ve learned across the years. They really resonated with me. I’ve had similar experiences. The blogging community is wonderful.

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    • Thanks, Sheryl! The blogging community is quite nice. And I love reading your blog because I love reading old recipes and seeing the old ads. I actually collect those, and even have some framed throughout my house. We can learn so much from the past….


  4. Thanks for sharing the link to your first post, it made me nostalgic. (I wrote mine circa 1999 —on a static page— and although I have a copy of it preserved somewhere electronically, it doesn’t exist on the Web). It also brings to my mind the weird quote (of a debatable origin):

    Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

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    • Wow! Blogging for twenty years is a HUGE accomplishment! I hate that your early posts are no longer available on the web…but I think that is the downside of technology. Sometimes when it become obsolete, we lose precious stuff. Our ancestors, who wrote everything down on actual paper, may have known best. But even so, I’m so glad that I discovered your blog in it’s current form. You are an amazingly talented writer!

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  5. 5 years?? That is great! I seem to pop in and out of blogging. Not sure I have 5 years worth of content. Though I do LOVE it so much – have met some really wonderful people in person and just through the blogosphere. Cheers to another 5 years and beyond!

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    • Thanks! And congratulations on your two years of blogging…..that’s a great accomplishment. As for the nerves when hitting the publish button, I have to say that I’m not sure that ever really goes away. But that’s okay: push it anyway!

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  6. Hi Ann – I’m just seeing this now, as I am woefully behind in reading blog posts. So congratulations on 5 years of blogging. It does go quickly! You’re so right about stats. I try not to peek, because they aren’t always meaningful. Here’s to another 5 years!

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  7. I so loved this post, but in my rush I only had time for a quick “like” click. Just wanted to come back and say how much I enjoy all your posts and agree with this one as well!! Congratulations on five years and I wish you many more for all of us to enjoy! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

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  8. Many congratulations, Ann! And you’ve summed up perfectly all what blogging means to me (and supposedly many others too!) and what the highlights are – not the stats but reaching other people with what we have to share and creating a community it is an honour to be part of! Merry Christmas!

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