A Word From Finn

IMG_4873Mom and Dad recently came home from a long trip, and they’re still busy trying  catch up on all little chores that piled up in their absence.  That means I get another chance to write a post for Mom’s blog, and bring everyone up to date on how I’m settling into my new home.

I want to say up front that I love my new home and I love my new parents.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t have some funny ideas that I still don’t understand.  For instance, they are very big on something they call “house rules,” and they have a ton of them.  No climbing on the furniture, no chewing on shoes, no begging for food at the table, no jumping on visitors, and so on and so on.  I do my best, but sometimes I just can’t remember them all.  Especially since some of them seem so silly!  I mean, if they don’t want me to chew on shoes, why do they leave them unattended on the floor, where they are so darned tempting?  Because let’s face it, leather shoes are the best chew toys ever!

They even have rules for the yard.  I’m not supposed to bark at the big chocolate lab that lives behind us, even though she barks at me all the time.  And Dad is always telling me to “Get rid of those *#*# chipmunks and voles,” but I still get in trouble whenever I  go after them, just because it involves digging some rather large holes.  But chipmunks and voles live underground for goodness sake, so how am I supposed to catch them if I can’t dig?  Sometimes Mom and Dad just don’t think things through…..

I’m also learning that even though I was adopted from the animal shelter to be a part of the family, I don’t automatically get included in family vacations.  They may go gallivanting off to fun places, but I get shipped off to the nearest boarding kennel.  Still, it was a nice kennel, and Mom packed my favorite blanket and toys.  She also signed me up for a few hours of group play time each day, which meant I got to run around in a big yard and play with all kinds of other dogs.

That went really well, until the very last day when a new dog came into the yard and said some really mean things to me.  (I won’t repeat it word for word, because I’m way too classy to say such things.)  Still, I’m not the sort of dog to take an insult lying down, so I let that dog know he had better not mess with me.  Which explains why they told Mom that I’m still welcome to board at that kennel, but I don’t get to go to group play time anymore.  But Mom told me that’s okay, not all dogs do well in big groups and that I’m a good dog even so.  My parents may be awfully strict, but sometimes they say just the right things.

I’ve lived at two different animal shelters, so I know I’m lucky to have found a real home with people who love me.  And I love them too, so I’ll keep trying to follow the rules (at least the ones I can remember), because that makes them happy.  I’ve heard them brag about how well I’m doing adjusting to my new home, and that makes me very proud.  Because we’re a family now and nothing is more important than that.

Love,  Finn

83 thoughts on “A Word From Finn

  1. Dear Finn. It sounds as though you have a wonderful family and have a very good home. We all have trouble remembering a lot of rules but eventually we do. It’s also true about the shoes. I remember when we brought our guy home, we finally learned to put our shoes away, not leave wallets or purses laying around. We can’t expect you guys to put away our things–or always resist temptation not to chew them.

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    • Exactly! I’m glad you understand! It’s so hard to resist something that is just left right in front of me…. I love my family, but it would really help if they remembered to put their shoes away!


  2. Laughing and almost crying at the same time. Finn, I hope you were not hurt during that last day. Seems you’re adjusting well. Can I tell you, even as an adult now I still sometimes think adults are confusing. I won’t take up your time, but just let me say, continue to be your lovely self, enjoy your life, and continue to bring joy to others.

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    • Thank you so much! And no, I wasn’t hurt….and that mean dog was only hurt a tiny little bit. (He started it, but I took the blame. Luckily, I’m not the sort who points fingers, or paws, so it’s all good.) But I’m working hard to learn the rules, and I know Mom and Dad are working hard to remember to cut me some slack. The important thing is we all love each other and we’re all happy to be a new family. That means it will all work out in the end!

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  3. Dear Finn, I know the feeling. My dad loves me to the max. He loves to cuddle with me until he uses sharp sounding words like, “Stop it”, “Don’t do that. Do you see me doing that?”. Or, “Noooooo!”. It happens every time I “clean” myself. What does he want? A dirty dog?
    Hang in there,

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  4. So proud of you, Finn!!! There are a lot of rules to learn, and you will catch on. Your mom is pretty patient and very loving, so you are lucky! Enjoy your new home, Finn! Hopefully Mom and Dad are going to hang around for a while now that they are back from their vacation! 🙂 ❤

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    • Thank you, Miss Jodi! I do think I’ll learn…Mom says I’m making good progress already, because I have learned what “wait” and “leave it” mean. But I do hope they don’t leave me again any time soon. I prefer it when we are all together!

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  5. Oh Finn, you are such a sweetheart! I’m sure your Mom and Dad are happy to be home with you. As for the shoes.. go for it! Life is short and you will soon train them to pick them up. In the meantime, enjoy!🌞

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  6. Finn, good boy for going after those pesky voles and chipmunks! They’ve got to be down there somewhere. Mom and Dad will understand eventually, maybe when you catch your first one. Dig away, Finn!

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    • I know! Dad is always complaining about them, and telling me that it’s my job to get rid of them. But when I dig down to get them, he complains about that too! I mean, really, what sense does that make? But I bet he will change his mind when I catch my first one……

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  7. Aww this is so sweet! I’m sure Finn is a wonderful addition to the family. The golden retriever I’ve wanted for several years (and it breaks my heart that it’ll likely never happen) is called Finn. That’s right, I’ve named an invisible dog. I’m glad Finn has found a home of warmth & love  ♥
    Caz xx

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    • I know! It was so odd that he went to the play group for nine days with no issues, and was with a big group of dogs before this dog came in with no issues. But the staff said that as soon as the other dog walked through the gate, Finn growled and showed his teeth. (Why they didn’t take Finn out of the yard then and there, I’ll never understand. I would have removed him immediately. He obviously saw this dog as a threat, for who knows what reason.) But, in all fairness, Finn was the dog that was out of line, so they were right to ban him. I just wish I understood the reason for his behavior. Haven’t seen it before, and haven’t seen it since!

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  8. Hi ya Finn, so many rules hey. I remember when I first came and lived with mum and dad, I didn’t get them either. I couldn’t understand why they kept kicking me off their bed. Mind you, if there’s a big storm I’ll still make my way up there. And I so get it with the shoes, they really shouldn’t leave them lying around. But it sounds like you’re in a good home. Sucks that you can’t go away with them though, I’ve managed to wrangle myself away on a few camping trips over the years. Keep smiling champ. Times are good. Love, Harry 🐶

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  9. Actually, it hurts more when the hoomans say (or do) mean things, does it not Finn? Tell you what, you are fortunate in being where you are with your new parents. Scary things happen to dogkind in the corner of the planet that I live. It will make the bristles of your entire quote stand on their ends! Actually, I have been thinking of writing what happened to a litter of five in my backyard but I don’t seem to be able to come around doing that somehow.

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    • You are right, it is far worse when the humans are mean! And I hope that the dogs near your house are okay, too. We all need to look out for each other, you know? But please know how much your thoughtful comment is appreciated!

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  10. You’re so right about that, Finn – nothing’s more important than family. Too bad though about all those silly rules, don’t worry: I wouldn’t be able to remember them all as well. 😉 And as long as you only chew on the shoes and don’t. ..well, you know, leave something in them, it’s completely fine. 😁
    Glad you had a good time at the kennel, even though that one dog said such mean things to you. Keep the blog posts coming, Finn – you’re a natural! 😄

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