Finn Speaks

fullsizeoutput_50fcMom’s been a little tired lately, so I thought I’d help out by writing this week’s blog post for her.  I’ve never written a blog post before (it’s kind of hard to type with paws), but I’m going give it my best shot.  Because that’s the sort of dog I am:  a helper.

I’ve been told that I’m really cute, and I suppose that’s true, since I have wiry black fur, long legs, perky ears and a big white patch on my chest.  People also say that I am very sweet, very energetic and really, really, persistent….I prefer to think of myself as focused and determined, but those aren’t the words that other people use.  Still, I know my main purpose in life is to help others.  And I’m really good at it, if I do say so myself.

I spend my days constantly looking for ways that I can help my family.  When Mom is preparing a meal, I’m always in the kitchen, laying right by her feet so I can keep an eye on what she’s doing and lend a helping paw if necessary.  Plus, I want to be able to immediately clean up any food that she happens to drop on the floor.  (Which she does almost every time she trips over me.) Mom likes to keep her house clean, and believe me, there will NEVER be any food on her floors when I’m around.

I also help Mom and Dad tie their shoes, especially if they’re in a hurry.  I shove my face right in, grabbing the laces to hold them in place since they seem to be having such a hard time performing this simple task.  Sometimes they get so flustered that they actually try to push me away!  Some dogs might get their feelings hurt by that sort of thing, but I know Mom and Dad are just embarrassed that it’s taking them so long to tie their shoes.  So I get right back in there and “help” until the job is done, no matter how long it takes.

Mom and Dad also spend a lot of time complaining about how out of shape they are, so I try to help by getting them to play tag with me.  When we are outside together, I’ll race around the yard, inviting them chase me.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked so far.  They just watch me run, and say things like, “I wish I had half his energy!”  But they just stand there, or sometimes even sit at the patio table, snacking and sipping wine.  I love my parents, but they can be a little slow on the uptake.  Still, I’ll keep on running and hope that some day they’ll figure it out and join me for a few laps around the yard.

There are lots of other ways that I help out, but I know that Mom tries to keep her blog posts kind of short, so I’ll do the same.  Besides, I’ll probably get the chance to write another guest post some day, when Mom’s too tired or too busy to do it herself and needs my assistance.  Because I’m a helper, and I’m REALLY good at it!

Love, Finn

105 thoughts on “Finn Speaks

  1. Dear Finn,
    I get it, I really do. My dad never has enough energy for my laps around the yard, or living room. Even though I’m also a big helper in the kitchen, he tends to trip over me while he holds the cutting knife. Helping can be a dangerous thing. Dad tends to raise his voice my way when I find a nice object on the ground to rub my body on. I guess I’ll never understand his ways. All that to say, I’m with you, pal. I call for a canine union. We need the support. Love & hugs, Shorty.

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    • Thanks, Shorty! I’ve often thought that a dog union would be a good thing, as we dogs understand so many things that our humans do not. We love them, but they sure have a funny way of looking at things sometimes. Smelly stuff on the ground is supposed to be rolled in, why don’t they get that? Anyway, thanks for the support, and love and hugs to you too!! Woof!

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  2. Dear Finn-

    I think you have a cool family that appreciates you. Hopefully you will keep your upbeat nature even though your constant efforts of getting Mom & Dad to exercise seem futile.
    I am glad you found a good home with them.
    I would have loved to have you as my dog. Only helping while I paddle my kayak /canoe would end with both of us swimming to shore.
    Much love- CJ

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  3. Hey Finn, really lovely post you made. It had me smiling and thinking Children’s book. Maybe after you’ve written some more you could put them all together as your collection of adventures. Either way, continue being a great helper and entertainer.

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  4. Oh Finn! What a wonderful helper AND blog writer you are! I love all the ways you help your mom and dad! You bring such joy to their lives! I bet they can’t even imagine their life without you now! My Charlie and I send our love and best to you and your family! You are a lucky dog Finn! And your Mom is lucky too!!! Belly rubs and ear scratches from Mars!!!

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    • Thanks so much, Miss Jodi! My mom says Charlie is a very lucky dog, too to be a member of your family. And we both came from shelters! Just goes to show how many good dogs are waiting for their forever homes, just like Charlie and me. And please tell Charlie thank you for inspiring me to write this post! Woof!

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  5. Thank you, Finn, for helping out your parents! I was moved to tears to learn how you always help her in the kitchen and how no amount of food can ever lie on the floor now that you are there. I wonder if you are trying to tie the shoelaces a tad tighter? As regards their slowness, I suspect they are content basking off the warmth of your energy. Recently, I too had a brush —actually, more than a brush— with some young ones of your kind. I am hoping to write about my bittersweet experiences at my blog and expect you to read them. So long!

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    • I’m glad that you appreciate how hard I work to help my mom and dad! And I’m sorry you had a brush with some other dogs (not all dogs are quite as well behaved and helpful as I am, sadly). But I do look forward to reading about your experiences! Woof!


  6. My first May laugh and it’s from Finn-in-my-heart! Finn, really and truly, reminds me of my kids when they were young. Eating right off the floor, typing up papers for you (unasked), that insane amount of energy. God, those were the days…

    Still, I look forwards to more doggie posts.

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    • Thanks, Miss Jill! Mom says to apologize for my late replay, that your comment ended up in her spam folder and she just now found it and got it out. (If she had told me how to look, I would have done it for her.) Finn is short for Finnegan, which is a nice name too. But I kind of like my nickname, Finn, the best!

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  7. Glad you took the time to let us know how you’re getting along, Finn. Your family is right, you’re a cutie! I like the way you help Mom and Dad tie their shoes…so helpful! Good Boy, Finn!

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  8. Finn, you sound just like me. I have the same fumble fingered parents when it comes to tying shoelaces! I mean, come on, how difficult can it be, right?

    Love, Asbolane. The cat. I hope you are OK with a cat writing to you?

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  9. Aww – you’re doing a great job, Finn! And I’m sure your parents appreciate all your help a lot – especially with the shoes and keeping the floors clean. 😉 I’m sorry to hear your mum feels a bit tired, but I hope you get to write another guest post again – because you did awesome with this one! 😊🐶

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  10. Finn’s pretty talented lol Funny story: every time I dropped food on the ground, I would say, “oh shit!” My dog, apparently understood that whenever I said that, there was food to be had. So, he would come running from another area of the house if I shouted the phrase lol

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    • Thank you so much! It was fun to write, as if Finn was dictating. Which he probably was, through mind control! And yes, I understand about living with the kind of dog that is always looking for a way to help. Hang in there!

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