A World of Change

I know that change is just a natural and even necessary part of life, and I accept that.  I really do.  But that doesn’t stop me from getting annoyed by all the little changes that keep popping up as I’m going about my day.  Especially since it really does seem as if the older I get, the more changes I have to deal with.  And in case anyone thinks I’m exaggerating, I’m providing a few real-life examples to show just exactly what I’m talking about.

I was shopping for some new Fall clothes yesterday, and was thrilled to walk into a store that had a big display of light-weight sweaters in the exact style and brand that I had bought several years ago.  I remembered that sweater was both comfortable and flattering, so I grabbed a few of my favorite colors and headed into the dressing room to see which one looked the best.  But none of them looked good on me.  All of them drooped a bit in the bust-line and bulged around the midsection (The fact that the sweater’s bulges corresponded with the bulges on my actual body was, I’m sure, nothing more than an unhappy coincidence.)  Clearly, the new sweaters were designed to be looser in the bust and tighter in the waist….which was a change that I didn’t appreciate one little bit.

I’ve also noticed that the quality of cell phones has declined dramatically.  I used to have no problem carrying on a conversation on my cell phone.  But these days I often have trouble making out just exactly what the other person is saying.  When I was talking to my son recently, I was positive he mentioned that he and his wife were going to a topless bar for dinner.  My son may be a grown man, but I’m still his mother, so I asked, “Why in the world are you two going to a topless bar?”  Turns out, they weren’t.  They were going to a tapas bar.  And thank goodness for that.

The changes are everywhere.  Books are now printed with smaller letters that are impossible to read without a bright light and really strong reading glasses.  Restaurant meals are made with richer ingredients that are very difficult to digest, especially if accompanied by a glass of wine.  The actors on television shows now speak so softly that I have to turn up the volume really high just to hear them.  They’ve even messed with the system for measuring weights, because I know for a fact that twenty pounds feels a lot heavier than it used to.   The list of changes I have to cope with these days is practically endless.

It’s not fair.  It’s hard enough to get older without also struggling to deal with a constant succession of changes each and every day of my life.  Is it really too much to ask that at least some things can remain the same?  I don’t think so.  And as soon as I figure out just which organization is responsible for all these crazy changes, I’m going to demand that they stop it immediately.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

97 thoughts on “A World of Change

  1. It is said that there is nothing so constant as change; still, I believe that we can be our best selves in the midst of a changing world around us. We can accept that change is inevitable. We can stay true to who we are, knowing that we know what is best for ourselves. We are each unique, and we do not have to conform to anything at all. We can simply be, and that is a marvelous and wonderful thing! (I agree that that the changes are not easy…but we have lived through so many changes. Maybe we know which changes are worth it, and which changes do not matter so much in the long run.]

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  2. LOL!!! This totally cracked me up! At first I was really thinking they changed the style of that sweater…. and then I was buying that they don’t make cell phones as good as they used to…. then I started catching on……… LOL! Oh well – some things never change… I never was really quick to catch a joke! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

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  3. I’m sure it’s an intentional effort by Millennials to get back at us. Aside from ill-fitting sweaters, I too struggle all of these changes! Glad to know I’m in good company.

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  4. I too had noticed that books are using a smaller typeface – online too – and so many actors mutter and mumble instead of speaking clearly.

    I’m so glad someone else has noticed these changes. Do keep us posted if you find out who’s behind it all..

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  5. Dear Ann, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in the constant agony about all the unnecessary changes that are happening around us. Your irony mixed with the occasional sarcasm felt good this morning. Have a great day, Ann!

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  6. Books are now printed with smaller letters that are impossible to read without a bright light and really strong reading glasses.

    And so are those information packets that drug stores staple onto your bag of prescription medicines. Has anyone considered the effect of microscopic font sizes on older customers? Maybe that’s the point.

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    • Yes! Who decides that the print should be so small on something that is supposed so important? Maybe Des is right and this whole thing is a Millennial plot to kill off all the older people…..


  7. My husband used to get annoyed with me because I couldn’t hear the dialog clearly on the TV. I’d often have to turn it up or turn on closed captions (especially if the actors were British). Then, I invested in wireless headphones. Now I can hear perfectly and my husband, who no longer has me to blame, has to increase the volume and/or turn on the captions. TeeHee!

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  8. LOL – although I’m a little younger than you are, I can relate. I thought for sure my daughter asked for raisins from the store, but she was surprised when I got home and asked where were the razors she needed lol I’ll sign the petition to demand cell phones remain of high quality lol

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  9. Lol! Really loved the topless bar! 😂 Let me know when you find who’s responsible for all those changes, I swear they changed the design of my favourite jeans!! No way it’s me who has changed what with all those accidental croissants hopping in my way and begging to be eaten. 😉

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  10. Here’s a change: I work in a school and the adults are on the cells ALL DAY. What is up with that? And I’m including the principal. Why can’t folks disengage from their technology while at work? I simply don’t get it. We preach to these (young) kids (I’m in K to 5th grade) about “paying attention” and “focusing” and about “not being rude” and yet these adults don’t follow any of these guidelines! Not all of them are young adults either…plenty are 50 or older. However did they cope in the days when you simply had to wait to make a phone call or go watch TV or an emergency message came via the main office? I find it intolerable given the troubles we are having in our school systems and all the attention our school children truly need. And I’m not even anyone important who works there, yet I seem to understand this simple idea! Get off your phones!

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