A Blogger’s Voice

DSC00181When I was young and naive enough to believe I had a good shot at making a living as a free-lance writer, I attended lots of writer’s workshops.  They were always interesting, and some of the tips helped me place articles with local magazines and neighborhood newspapers.  I never did make a lot of money as a writer…my largest claim to fame was a short article in Bride’s magazine and the publication of one (count it, one) children’s book.  Still, I learned a lot in those workshops about writing, and especially about the delicate balance between giving an editor whatever he or she wants and developing my own unique “voice.”

The voice of an author is what distinguishes one writer’s work from everyone else’s.  It is what comes out when a writer taps into his or her deepest beliefs, inner-most fears, cherished dreams, etc.  It communicates the unique perspective of the world that each of us have and that writers share through their written words.  And for me, finding that voice was always a struggle.  I could figure out what my editor wanted and deliver exactly that, no problem.  But writing from my heart was a whole other matter and I never really managed to do it.

Fast forward to almost three years ago, when I started writing this blog.  At first I was terrified of putting my writing on a public forum where everyone and anyone could both read and comment on it.  My inner critic went into overdrive, and I poured over my posts before actually publishing them, searching for flaws and carefully deleting anything that I thought could be offensive or misinterpreted.  Luckily, my readers were a small but polite group who mostly offered encouragement and the expected criticism and rejection never materialized.

I gained more confidence with each post, slowly but surely learning to ignore my inner critic and to put my true thoughts and feelings on my blog without quite so much worry and angst.  I began to write about whatever subject was near to my heart, and I learned that honesty (as long as it is not also hateful or hurtful) is perfectly okay.  It took me a while to recognize it, but I had finally found my writing “voice.”  My blog has brought me many gifts, but that is by far the one I appreciate the most.

Even better, I have discovered that finding my writing voice has actually given me more confidence to speak my mind in person.  I am no longer nearly so inclined to tell others only what I know they want to hear.  When asked for my opinion, it has become almost natural for me to share my true thoughts and feelings, even when I know that others around me will probably disagree with what I have to say.  My old fear of rejection is fading fast, and that’s a very good thing.

I know that not everyone is a writer, but I do believe that everyone has a voice and that  their voice, like mine, deserves to be heard.  And I hope that one way or another, we each find a way to make that happen.

268 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Voice

  1. A song by Emeli Sande said “You’ve got the words to change a nation so why you biting your tongue..you got a heart so bold as lion but you are afraid you will say something wrong so come on come on”
    I wanna sing, I wanna shout, I wanna write to the world aloud..so put it in all of the papers, am not ashamed, they can read all about it.

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  3. Reblogged this on hebbworx and commented:
    As a newbie blogger this was a great read for me! After writing a few things, mulling over them for a while, and them deciding to post them, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one! I looked through some of you older posts and I especially liked the article entitled “Acting My Age.” Keep up the good work!

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    • Thanks for both the reblog and the kind words! I’m glad you have decided to post your writing. We all hesitate, thinking “is this good enough?” But if it reflects your true thoughts and feelings, then it is!


  4. Thank you for this post, Ann.

    I’ve only just published my blog having been writing offline for a while (I’ve been putting it off for 18 months). I actually felt sick with anxiety when I first published my post and then flew into a frenzy thinking I’d accidentally linked my blog to my social media so I’d be exposed to everyone I know! (I’m definitely not ready for that just yet).

    It feels enormously vulnerable putting authentic thoughts and feeling out for scrutiny by so many people.

    This was important for me to read this week and it’s encouraging to hear your journey with it and what a positive step it’s been for you.

    Thanks again.

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    • I think you will find the same thing that I did: most of the blogging community is supportive and open to hearing your true thoughts. And the few exceptions are easily deleted from your comment section, if they happen to show up at all. I promise you it gets easier as you go along..just take things at your own pace, and enjoy blogging!

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  5. Your story is so encouraging. Thank you so much, Ann.

    I couldn’t manage to make the first post on my blog this whole summer because of overthinking, editing, and worrying. I finally decided to get vulnerable and just start letting go of fear. I’m slowly finding my voice again and it’s liberating!

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  6. I just started Blogging, mainly so that I would stop making Facebook my forum for my thoughts and lecturing my kids. I love writing my thoughts out. And reading how others have found their voice as well through blogging is great! What a great feeling! Thank you for your post

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  7. Wow, can I just say, I loved reading this article. It’s so authentic the fact that you honestly explain exactly what most writers go through, which is lacking connection to their inner voice, but the more practice and the more you open yourself up, the better it gets.

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  8. Hello, I love the name of your blog and when I saw it on the reader that’s what made me click on it to take a look. Then I saw you liked my post about mood disorders and I really appreciate that because that is literally my third blog entry ever.
    After I read your blog about a blogger’s voice I kind of smiled because I am the exact opposite sometimes I worry I need to reel back on my honesty and speaking my mind hahaha. Thank you very much for the like and for taking the time to read my blog

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  9. As writing is a big part of a blog, I do sometimes feel discouraged when I have no cool or revolutionary ideas. It is utmost important I think to start where you are most comfortable at and never let the ‘possible’ consequences to stop you. It is encouraging to see a lot of bloggers out there feels the same thing, thank you for the post! And let’s keep writing about our passion ❤

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  10. I’m not sure if I have found my voice. I just started my blog about 7 months ago, so I hope to find it soon. I have always liked writing because you express how you feel at the moment. We tend to forget how we felt in the past but writing reminds me exactly how I felt, at that time. Also, its something that is mine, a hobby for me. Thanks for reminding why I write and I am glad you have found your voice.

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  12. Thank you very much for this post i have a minds with many thought and additive to writing in my most crucial times in my life .. I just started my blog and i hope all my heartfelt thoughts will reach someone someday .. I needed to read your post it gave me more courage to continue writing ..


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