Spring Forward

I have always thought of myself as a bit of a cynic.  Believing that good things are coming my way doesn’t come naturally to me at all.  And even when good things really do happen, my first thought is usually, “This won’t last.”  So maybe that’s why I have a hard time recognizing what I’m feeling right now, and what I feel every year right about this time.  Because according to my calendar, Spring has finally arrived.  And there’s something about Spring that always makes me feel hopeful.

IMG_1203I don’t know if it’s longer days, or the budding trees and flowers, or waking up to the sounds of the birds chirping in my yard, or just the increasing warmth of the sun on my face.  But somewhere in all of nature’s reawakening, I feel my heart opening up to new possibilities and growth.  I am more willing to try new things, to tackle those “to do” projects that I’ve been avoiding all winter, and even to take a few risks that I would normally avoid.  Somehow the things that used to seem comfortingly familiar now feel unbearably routine, and I find myself longing for all things new.

And so I begin my usual routine of Spring cleaning. I begin with my house, cleaning and de-cluttering like a mad woman, and even redecorating a bit until every room feels fresh and new.  I go through my closet, pulling out the clothes and shoes I haven’t worn in years, even if they are still in good condition and were purchased at a bargain price.  And then I go shopping in search a few new items, making a point to at least try on styles I don’t usually wear.  I read books by new authors, strike up conversations with people I don’t know well, and when I go out to eat, I insist on trying a new restaurant.  Accepting new challenges, big or small, actually seems attractive.

For at least a few weeks, I find it easy to maintain my optimism and my passion for new things.  But as Spring turns to Summer my “spring fever” gradually wears off, and I find myself once again attracted to what is familiar and comforting in my life.  And in many ways, that’s a good thing, because I don’t want to live a life of constant change, and I certainly can’t afford a life of constantly buying new things.

But each year, a little bit of that “spring fever” experience sticks with me, and my horizons are broadened that much more.  Some new styles find their way into my closet; I discover a new favorite author, and sometimes I find myself with a new friend or two.  Some of the new doors I opened reveal new paths that carry me forward in unexpected ways.  And the best part is, I know that next year I’ll get to do it all over again.  Because, as we all know, hope springs eternal.

49 thoughts on “Spring Forward

    • Oh, me too, I think they are awful! It can be a challenge to find things to wear that are new, but don’t make me feel horribly self-conscious when I wear them. I’m willing to go out of my comfort zone, but if I think something is ugly, I’m certainly not going to buy it. Sometimes there is something to be said for those eight-year old sweaters!

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  1. Hope does spring eternal. Baseball season is just around the corner. Maybe this year the Cubs will play the White Sox in the World Series. But being the pessimist I am, I know it ain’t going to happen. You do know the difference between a pessimist and an optimist? When a pessimist is surprised, it’s a good thing. When an optimist is surprised, not so good. So I do hope I am surprised. But I keep thinking that Lucy is going to jerk that football away from Charley Brown at the last minute.

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  2. Your sentiments on the renewal of your optimism at this time perfectly reflect the passing of the four seasons from year to year, Spring brings new life into our gray and drab winter-weary world. With the heat of the summer comes the slowing down and perhaps relaxation in the shadow of a tree and in the cool breeze at the beach. Come harvesting time we enjoy the fruits of our labors, while Nature prepares for the long rest of the coming winter season. If we are in tune with nature and follow its rhythm, we find a source of true happiness, which no doubt you expressed in your thought provoking post. Happy Spring time, Ann!

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  3. Very nicely written, Ann, and I do certainly feel that our psychological states in some degree mirror the external environment — both the physical and atmospheric. Spring is here, the sap is rising so as to feed new growth, so too are our own ideas arising so as to feed new experience.

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  4. I haven’t been seeing your posts so I had to do an elaborate search to find you. For a moment I thought I unfollowed you. But that wasn’t the case. Not sure why I don’t see you in my feed. Perhaps another WordPress glitch. Very strange.

    Either way, I have some catching up to do. Hooe you’ve been well.

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  5. I really love your spring tradition of not only spring cleaning (which I desperately need to do), but adding new fresh things and ideas into your life. What a wonderful way to welcome the season!

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    • Yes, my spring cleaning sort of spreads into my whole life. Out with the old things no longer needed, and in with the new! It certainly isn’t all-encompassing, but it does help me broaden my horizons. Thanks for your comment!


  6. This really got me thinking. My spring cleaning is arriving later and later and until I read your post, I realized I didn’t do it last year. I have “things to not throw out until I go over them” piled on my desk. Clothes in my closet that even if I became a supermodel I would never wear. Floor molding to clean (actually those have been done fairly recently) because I see the spiders have been at it again. I get depressed and maybe this is just what I need to spruce up my home, my attitude and my mood. Thank you! Great post.

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    • And that is perfectly okay! I think we each react to Spring on our own way, and for some reason, mine is “out with the old and in with the new!” Which involves a certain amount of heavy cleaning. But that’s just my thing.

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  7. Great post! For me, spring triggers a kaleidoscope of memories of my youth. As memories are portals, I relive bits of my youth every spring, which explains the enthusiasm. But every season has its own signature and compensations, which we understand more clearly with every passing year.

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    • I know what you mean! Maybe it’s the smells of Spring that invoke those memories? But the past does seem stronger then, I agree.
      BTW, your book arrived and I am looking forward to reading it!


  8. I’m all over these thoughts with you, Ann. I don’t know what it is about winter. I suppose I go into hibernation to some degree. I’m not a skier and I never liked the cold weather so the winter brought its own set of downers for after the holidays. But that usually lasted during Jamnuary and Fegruary. By March I’m beginning to get optimistic because I can see be light at he end of the tunnel and by the end of the month I’m like you and are doing and planning all sorts of projects around the house. I guess summer is a time to enjoy those projects, new books, etc and the fall is a time to enjoy the beauty of the season.
    I often wondered how my mind and body would be and feel if I lived in a climate that was nice year round. Sometimes I’d like to find out. Then the thought passes..:).

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  9. What a beautiful post so full of hope and optimism. I think we all feel a bit like that as the seasons change, which is so wonderful. But we can’t maintain it forever, which is totally understandable. Enjoy the feelings while they last. Make the most of your decluttering urged and stepping out of your comfort zone. Here I’m starting to feel like a bear as the temperature has suddenly dropped and I just want to be indoors. Lovely post Ann.

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  10. A very lovely post, Ann, and I can relate to your feelings very much! I did my spring cleaning a few weeks ago and also chucked out some stuff – it feels great every year 😄 And like you I like to try out new things 😄 Have a happy spring!

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