Wedding Moments

img_0566The big day finally came last Saturday, and my son is now officially married to the lovely young woman he has been dating for the last several years.   People have been asking me, “How did the wedding go?” and I answer, honestly if vaguely, “Very well, thank you.”  The thing is, my memories of that day are jumbled images that are all mixed up together in my mind.  I’ve always been told I’m a bit of a scatter-brain, and I guess this proves it. But that’s okay, because all of the images are good ones.

I remember waking up on the morning of the wedding and immediately checking to see if the weather forecast of a cool but sunny day was correct.  It was, which meant that it was a perfect Fall day for the outdoor ceremony.  I remember getting my hair done later that morning, and telling the stylist to be very generous with the hair spray so that my hair wouldn’t be drooping by that evening.  I believe my exact words were, “Use enough so that if I walk into a brick wall, the wall will be dented but my hair won’t.”  And she did. I think I finally washed the last of it out this morning.

img_2001I remember seeing my daughter-in-law in her wedding dress for the first time and how incredibly beautiful she looked,  but also thinking how lucky I am that my son chose to marry someone who is even more beautiful on the inside.   I remember seeing my son, all dressed up in his suit and tie and wondering exactly when my energetic, loving and creative little boy turned into such a handsome, intelligent and caring young man.  (I know I’m bragging here, but I’m a mother, and that’s one of the perks.  It makes up for all those years of dirty diapers and sleep deprivation.)

I remember blinking back a few tears during the ceremony, and not even being sure why, because I felt nothing but happiness at that moment.  Later, during the cocktail hour, I remember greeting so many friends and family, and feeling so grateful for each and every person who came to share the day.  I remember being nervous right before the mother and son dance, because I rarely dance and never like to be the center of attention.  But I followed my blogger friend Jodi’s advice and simply focused on my son, and enjoyed it so much that I was actually just a little sorry when it was over.  Who knew?

Once everyone was dancing, there was so much to notice I could hardly keep track.  I was touched when my son-in-law asked my mother to dance, and impressed with their moves on the dance floor.  I remember trying to follow along in a line dance, being glad I was at the back of the group, and my surprise when they all suddenly did an about-face and I found myself front and center.  (I have since learned that where you want to be in a group dance is in the exact middle, sandwiched in between tall people on all sides.)  I remember watching in awe as my son (who hates to dance) danced not only with his new wife, but with his grandmother, his friends, and (briefly) with his cousin Travis.

I remember posing for many photos, some serious and some silly, and texting a few to dear friends who were not able to attend the wedding, because we wanted to find a way to include them.  But mostly, I remember looking up to see my son, my daughter, my son-in-law and my new daughter in-law taking a group photo and thinking, “That’s my family now.  Those are my kids.”  And I couldn’t have been happier…..

62 thoughts on “Wedding Moments

  1. Congratulations to all. Your family is beautiful – and I’m sure I was not the only one who was touched by the “on the inside” comment. Thank you for sharing the day and the lovely photos with the rest of us.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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  2. Ann, I was so glad to hear that you enjoyed “the dance” with your son. Looks & sounds like it was an absolutely wonderful day celebrating this significant milestone! Congratulations to everyone!

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  3. Congratulations to your family, Ann! I’m so happy for all of you. It sounds like it was a beautiful event. I’m glad you enjoyed the mother-son dance😊. Looking forward to posts about your future grandchildren ❤️

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    • You and me both! So far, there is no movement in that direction. If I send you their email addresses, would you be willing to send them some encouraging notes??? LOL! But seriously, it was a good day. And yours will be coming soon!

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  4. Oh my! I love weddings. Congratulations to the both of you. Welcome to a new season shared with tears and laughter. It won’t be a bliss but I pray that you stick it through until the very end full of love and shared memories. Lovelovelove!

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    • Thanks so much! Yes, there will be trial ahead, but I think their love will get them through it. Life is never easy, but I have found that we tend to get out of it exactly what we put into it. Thanks for your comments and good wishes!!!!

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  5. What a wonderfully heartfelt recap of a very special day. Everyone looks beautiful and handsome and I’m so glad the day went so well. The way you describe it is exactly the way weddings go when you’re in the middle of it. You remember little snipets because it really is an overwhelming day in so many ways.
    Congratulations to everyone😊

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  6. Oh Ann! I’m so glad for your wonderful memories! I’m so glad you enjoyed the dance! I feel such joy looking at these photos and reading your words! It takes me back to my oldest son’s wedding and makes me think about my upcoming younger son’s wedding. Thanks for sharing! ❤

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  7. Absolutely wonderful, that’s how you make it sound, and I’m certain that’s how the day was. I do know what you mean about the detail being blurry, and think perhaps that’s typical when we’re a bit overwhelmed with emotion and sensory inputs all at once – so many people to meet and engage with. It’s the feel of the day that’s important to remember though, don’t you think, Ann?

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    • Yes, I agree! The overall feel was very good, even though some of the details are fuzzy. There was just so much going on, so many people to talk to, and so much to take in. But the memories I do have are very, very good.

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  8. Congratulations, I’m glad it went well, and that you’re blessed with a new daughter you can enjoy for years to come.

    Your hairspray comment brought back an old memory for me – the only time I’ve ever used a bit of it was for my own outdoor wedding. I have very fine, flyaway hair that flaps around in the slightest breeze, so that one day I violated the manliness code for appearances sake.

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  9. Oh Ann, it all sounds so wonderful. What a beautiful and absolutely memorable day for all of you. And as the mother of the groom you are more than entitled to brag. Congratulations to the happy couple, may they enjoy a lifetime of love, good health and happiness together. Oh and by the way, well done on getting through all the dances! What wonderful memories you have with your lovely family. Thank you for sharing them with us. xo

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