Falling Down ?

img_0919It’s taken a while, but the cool weather of Fall has finally arrived where I live.  And I’m not especially happy about it.  I’ve been feeling a bit down all day, ever since waking up this morning and seeing that the temperature outside was only 56 degrees with no sunshine in sight.  I know there are lots and lots of great things about Fall, and I appreciate most of them.   It’s just that I’m not ready to let go of summer, and the weather today is forcing me to recognize that the summer of 2016 is well and truly over.

The days are already getting shorter, which means that it won’t be long before I’m waking up in darkness.  I spent part of last evening digging out my sweaters and light-weight jackets since it’s already too cold to go outside without wearing one or the other.  Despite my careful attention, many of my annual flowers are looking tired and withered, and it’s only a matter of time before there will be a frost which kills them altogether.   Within weeks, I’ll actually have to turn on the heat and deal with the dry skin and static electricity it always generates despite our humidifier’s best efforts. I may be a Debby Downer, but honestly, I find all of this rather depressing.

But there’s no sense in fighting the inevitable and I certainly don’t want to spend the next few weeks wallowing in self-pity, so I have decided that I need to stop thinking quite so much about all the things I will miss about summer and focus instead on the things I really won’t miss at all.  Sure, it’s hard to forget about the backyard cookouts, the pleasure of jumping into the refreshingly cool water of a swimming pool on a hot summer day, and the convenience of walking outside anytime without having to put on any extra clothing whatsoever.  Not to mention the fresh fruit and tasty tomatoes.  But I’m going to try.

From now on, I’ll bear in mind that the arrival of Fall means I won’t have to circle the parking lot of the grocery store in the futile search for a parking space in the shade so the inside of my car won’t feel like an oven when I’m done shopping.  I can even buy ice cream without worrying about it melting before I reach home.  I’m going to remember that the time is rapidly approaching when I  won’t have to do any more yard work:  no watering the potted plants, deadheading the flowers, trimming the bushes, cutting back the ivy, and fighting a no-win battle against the weeds.

And best of all, no outdoor bugs.  I’m not sure if the cold weather kills them or, like bears, they simply hibernate all winter, but for whatever reason, they go away and I am grateful.  No more bees buzzing around my ears when I walk out the back door (they love the crepe myrtles we were silly enough to plant right next to the back porch), no more carpenter bees drilling holes in the eaves and (finally) no more mosquitoes!  If I were ever trying to argue that God does make mistakes, exhibit “A” would be mosquitoes.  The world would have been just fine without the pesky little buggers.

This new attitude must be working, because I’m already feeling better.  It’s time to break out the Fall decorations, stick a few pots of hardy mums and some pumpkins on the porch and hit the mall in search of a couple of new sweaters.  And then I’m going to come home and bake a pumpkin pie.

48 thoughts on “Falling Down ?

  1. I also dislike the shorter day, but the change of seasons always bring something to look forward to. Down here on the Gulf the heat is subsiding and we can finally go outside. The high was only 86 degrees today, just right to have a glass of wine on the patio.

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  2. I understand why there are things to be sorry about when summer ends, but when you got to your second last paragraph, you mentioned the reason why I’m always so relieved to have the cooler weather back again: no mosquitoes! I completely agree with you, Ann, about their being exhibit A on the cosmic mistakes list. 🙂

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  3. I completely share your feelings about not being ready to let go of summer, Ann! It´s also already getting dark much, much earlier than I like around here and the heating season isn´t far away either 😦 But I think you´re right about trying to see the good sides auf autumn, like pumpkin pie 😉 Have a beautiful weekend! Sarah xxx

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  4. It’s funny what fall means to different people. It’s always been my favorite time of year. I love wearing clothes for cooler weather. Let’s face it. Sleeveless tops and shorts aren’t the best look for people who are middle aged or older. Give me some long-sleeved shirts and slacks any day. I also love the smells of autumn. And then there’s the cocooning. I like coming home as dusk begins. Makes me even feel like making something for dinner (and you know I’m way done with cooking).

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    • I do like how cooler weather means more of me is covered up, as I look so much better that way! But my main complaint with Fall is that I know it is followed by winter. I like wearing long sleeves, but having to put on a coat every time I go out, not so much!


    • I like the transitions, too. I think the reason I am depressed by Fall’s arrival this year is that our summer wasn’t terribly hot, so I never got to the point where I was just ready for it to be over. And I keep thinking ahead to winter, which I dread. I need to just “live in the moment” and enjoy the Fall weather. The trees are starting to turn color, so that helps!
      PS: Good to hear from you again! And you post about the hangers was worth waiting for……

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  5. I know what you mean about missing summer. My job is so intense in summer that by the time the summer program ends, it’s mid-August and it’s almost over. But it’s nice to be cozy in the house, there’s the smell of fires burning, the beautiful colors, apple picking, pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving. I guess like everything in life we need to take the good with the not-so-good. Winter after the holidays are over, though, is another long, sad story.

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    • Yes, I’m trying to remind myself that Fall is actually just fine, even when I’m not quite ready to let go of summer. And winter is enjoyable until January 2, and then I am done with it. Sadly, it is not done with me for another two months, at least. Have a good weekend, Kim!

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  6. Well done for trying to think positively about this. I used to enjoy the start of autumn (Fall) and have always liked the smell of fallen autumn leaves and the red/orange/gold leaves while they’re still on the trees, but apart from that, I really don’t like it. It brings the ‘promise’ of winter which is a season I’ve always loathed and, these days, I find both more difficult because I have very bad circulation and can get freezing cold within seconds! But there are a few things that I love, one is that I can be more creative as the days get shorter and darker because I feel more at peace with myself once the lights are on and there’s some heat indoors. Also I am able to remember what was lovely about the summer leading up to the autumn that leads up to winter.

    Ann, there’s a book you might like to read, maybe borrow a copy from your local library or get a cheap copy online? It’s called When the Night Bird Sings and is by Joyce Sequichie Hifler. She’s a native American woman who keeps a notebook with her all through the summer, sketching and noting down all the good things she experiences (though the book is predominantly text) so that in the dark, cold months she has something to remember and enjoy. You might like it. And maybe you could do something yourself next summer, so that the following seasons aren’t so bleak for you?

    One day I must try pumpkin pie, I’ve never had it. Hubby says it’s wonderful. 🙂

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    • Sorry, Val, my original reply to you posted as simply another comment. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the recommendation of the book, as it sounds very good and I am always looking for another good book to read. I’ll see if our library has it! And I love the idea of doing my own summer journal, to read in the depths of winter when I could use all the cheering up I can get. Finally, do try pumpkin pie, especially if it’s made with a little extra cinnamon. Just be sure to eat it while it’s still warm from the oven!

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  7. See what a little writing can do? You feel better already..:) but I know how you feel. I resist saying goodbye to summer. Yesterday it was in the 50′, raw and rainy and I still went out in shirts and a tshirt.
    I refuse to let go..:)
    I how you enjoyed the pumpkin pie but I would have preferred an apple.
    Just saying..:)

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    • I admire your ability to keep wearing your summer clothes, even in the face of nasty Fall weather! Me, I was wearing a sweater with a cami underneath, and still felt chilly. But I still have lots of summer clothes hanging in the closet, ready to wear if we get a few warm days. And heck yeah, apple pie is always a welcome treat!

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  8. I love the positive spin you put on things Ann. And I had to laugh because they’re all the things I dislike about Summer too, especially those damn mozzies! BUT I am looking forward to warmer days in my garden, sunshine and balmy beach days … oh yes, bring it on. Sorry, couldn’t help myself, I’m tired of the cold and wet here!! 🙂 Great post.

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  9. I don’t like giving up many of the perks of summer either, but there is nothing to be done. We must just try to embrace it. You know, I have friends in warmer climates and they really miss the seasons. I try to remind myself of that on frosty mornings. It seems if it is summer all year round, you just don’t appreciate it. Cheers!

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    • That is a good point! And all four seasons have their advantages. I think this year, the summer just flew by so fast that I wasn’t yet ready to give it up. But now I am finally embracing Fall. Thanks for the comment!

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