Wear the White Jeans

IMG_0290Like many women, whenever I get invited to an event, one of my first thoughts is, “What in the world am I going to wear?”  So when I received an invitation to my future daughter-in-law’s bachelorette party, my first reaction was to be very touched and happy that I was included.  My second reaction was to start fretting about exactly what I was going to wear for this occasion.

We were going to a nearby historical town to spend the afternoon visiting wineries, and since we would to be outside some of the time, I decided to wait and see what the weather was going to be before I decided on my outfit.  I have reached the age where the more clothes I have on, the better I look.  But I also knew that August can be very hot and humid, and had to take that into consideration.  Luckily, the day of the party turned out to be only pleasantly warm, which gave me more choice in my attire.  I decided that I was going to aim for a casual, yet festive look, with an eye toward maximum coverage.

Pairing white jeans with a light-weight, dressy top seemed to be the obvious solution, but I found myself hesitating, as I always do when I consider wearing my white jeans.  I usually wear dark pants, which help hide the fact that the lower half of my body is bigger than the top half, and was afraid that the white jeans might highlight the fact that my body shape is, in essence, that of a pyramid with legs.  Also, I was afraid that the white jeans might be ruined.  Even though I always drink white wine (the wine of choice for clumsy people), I knew there would be plenty of red wine around, as well as other things that could stain white jeans, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to risk it.

I think if I hadn’t been rushed for time when I was getting ready, I probably would have made a different clothing choice.  But I didn’t want to be late, so I just threw on the white jeans, found a top with a “busy” enough design to counter-balance the vast whiteness below, and headed off for the party.  And had a wonderful, wonderful, time with my future daughter-in-law, her mother, and her close friends, including my daughter.

Which brings me, finally, to the point of this post.  My white jeans have sat in my drawer for most of this past summer, as well as the summer before that.  I have been too afraid to wear them, because I didn’t have the figure for them and/or that they would get dirty or stained.  So each time I tried them on before going out, I almost always took them back off and put on a different, “safer,” pair of pants or jeans, believing that I would wear the white ones later.

What exactly I was waiting for, I don’t know.  It’s not as though, at age 58, I’m going to suddenly lose a ton of weight or develop “buns of steel.”   If anything, I’m going in the opposite direction, with the needle on my scale moving steadily upward, and the best I can boast at this point in my life is “buns of Jello.”  And yes, white does show the dirt and get stained, but so what?  That’s what bleach and washing machines are for.

The bottom line is that if going to a party that celebrates the fact that a lovely, sweet and intelligent young woman is going to marry my son isn’t worth finally wearing my white jeans, I don’t know what is.  I may be getting old, but I can still learn something new.  And what I learned yesterday is: appreciate all the good things that are going on in your life right now.  And wear the white jeans!

57 thoughts on “Wear the White Jeans

  1. It is also a good age to wear whatever you want, and for those who have a problem with your choices …. it is for them to come to terms with it and not you! As I quoted in another Post quite recently about personal criticisms – “Those who matter won’t mind, and those who mind won’t matter!” 🙂

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  2. Oh, Ann, I love it! I swear sometimes that we share a brain! I have a pair of white Capri pants that I keep taking out, trying on and putting away again and for the exact same reasons!! I keep thinking “Am I the right shape to pull theses off” or “what if I sit in something and spend the rest of the event with a dirty bum!” That’s not even mentioning the possibility of food or drink spillage! That’s it! You have convinced me. The next time I go out, I’m wearing those white pants!!! Life is too short.😊

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  3. You’re right, Ann. What you wrote about reminds me of a Erma Bombeck column she wrote about thirty years ago which I cut out and still have. She talks about all the things we don’t do and all the reasons we don’t do them and if she had the chance how she would do things differently, like driving in the car with the windows down on a beautiful day, not caring that your hair might get messed up or actually using those good dishes that just sit there and look good. Glad you wore the white jeans. 😊

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    • I used to love Erma Bombeck, because she was so wise and yet so funny at the same time! And thanks, I was glad I finally wore the white jeans, too. As one of my favorite authors wrote, “Life is for living.” The older I get, the more I realize that is so true!

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    • Yes! Wear your white jeans! No more waiting for that perfect figure or the occasion where we know they will not get marred in any way. What is going on in our lives, right here and right now, more than deserves we wear our white jeans! (Or whatever else we are saving for “best”) Thanks, Val!!!!

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  4. I laughed out loud, and for more than a second or two, when I read your description of a pyramid with legs. Last year I was dragged by a friend to a zumba class. I wore comfortably baggy khaki cargo shorts (they used to be my husband’s but he “outgrew” them). For a shirt I just grabbed a yellow shirt that was comfortable and I liked. I definitely need to lose weight, but I think of myself as looking like many women who are 60-ish and have had a number of kids. Well the zumba class started in a studio with mirrored walls. I looked in the mirror and Sponge Barb Square Pants looked back at me. I was horrified.
    I know that isn’t the point of your post, but it made me remember it. To your point, I had a beautiful jacket that I was waiting for just the right time to wear it. And, of course, now it doesn’t fit me. Thank you for reminding me not to wait!

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    • “Sponge Barb Square Pants!” You are so funny! And I think we can all relate to that… I remember once when I was walking the beach in Sanibel and I saw a rather large shadow in front of me. I actually thought, “who’s the fat person behind me?” And then I turned and there was no one there!
      But yes, you should wear the clothes you love right now….no need to wait. We are just fine as we are!

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  5. I enjoyed the post, Ann, but your sophistication when it comes to choosing outfits (white jeans or otherwise), is well beyond me. I if I manage to find something to wear to a wedding that’s both clean and ironed, that’s usually pushing my level of sartorial know-how right to the limit. 🙂

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  6. Great post and great message in here Ann. I’ve also come to the realisation that “saving” our good clothes is a waste of time. There’s absolutely no time like the present to enjoy what we have and that means the good wine glasses, the good dinner set and those white jeans that we’re afraid of staining. Good on you Ann. I bet you looked lovely. xo

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    • Oh, thank you, Miriam! I was raised in the tradition of saving my “best” for later. Only that later never comes. So now I’m trying to enjoy each day for what it brings…and your blog is a good reminder of that, too! I love how you are always encouraging us to savor the beauty around us. Plus, you keep reminding me that I want to try camping again!

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  7. Namaskaram Ann – and why should you not wear white trousers?! We really must do what gives us pleasure, i.e. wear what we like (and not only what others might! like) otherwise we all end up with some of our favourite pieces hanging inside a cupboard for eternity. Surely you received quite a few compliments on that day 🙂 And btw, my “stain fear” is not so much red wine but turmeric!!! You get this on your clothes…..that’s it…..the end 🙂 🙂

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    • You are right, we should all just wear what we like and not worry what others think. I’m not familiar with turmeric, but based on what you say, I think I’d best avoid it. Thanks for you comment!


  8. I agree, wear the white jeans! I have gone through most of my life doing exactly that and for the most part with few regrets, even when the safer option might have made more sense. And while we are at it I would add use the good dishes and travel as much as possible. Life is short, it might as well be sweet!

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    • You have gone through life doing that, which I believe is one of the first things that drew me to you as a freind! I was so inspired by the way you just jumped right in there and enjoyed life, and your friendship gave me confidence to try to do the same. And who knew that, all these years later, you would still be doing that??? So proud to call you a friend!!!


  9. Whenever I see anyone in white bottoms, I say, “BRAVE!” Not because of size or shape but because of dirt and other things that just seem to gravitate toward my light colored bottom half. I’m afraid they will get ruined or more accurately I don’t want to walk around with a big noticeable stain. Ha, but you are right! And good for you!

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