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family photWhen I was a child, I hated it when I would ask my parents to do something for me, and they would insist on teaching me to do it myself.   I remember asking my father to make me some scrambled eggs, and his response was to whip out the cast iron skillet and proceed to teach me how to scramble an egg, so I could do it myself the next time.  If I dared to complain, he would just say, “You’ll never learn how to do it any younger!”  My mother was even worse, since she was a kindergarten teacher, and therefore tended to explain things very slowly, step by step, just to make sure I was following along.  My thought was that if I had wanted them to show me how to do something, I would have said so, rather than simply asking them to do it for me.  But I was smart enough not to say that out loud.

Now that I’m on the upper end of middle age, I find that I am much more willing to learn something new than I ever was before.  I have learned quite a few home improvement skills (despite what my husband thinks, but he’s never forgiven me for that crowbar incident…you can read about it in:  What Did You Say?), my gardening skills are much improved (most of what I plant lives, which is new for me) and I’m thinking about taking a wood working class.  Despite what my kids think, I really do try to learn how to use new technology and spend quite a bit of time and energy trying to figure things out.  My constant questions to them about my cell phone and my computer are simply because, despite my best efforts, there are some times I still have to throw in the towel and ask for help.

But I have had some success learning how to do things on my computer without my children’s help, and “exhibit A” is my blog.  I remember when I first heard of blogging, my initial thought was, “What kind of idiot would keep a personal journal on the internet?”  (Apparently, the same idiot who looks back at me from the mirror each day.)  But eventually, with the steady encouragement of a good friend, I did start my blog, despite my deep misgivings about sending my writing out into cyberspace where perfect strangers all over the world could not only read it, but comment about it as well.  Frankly, I still find that part a little bit intimidating.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in this blog (if you use WordPress, check out the entirely random pictures I was horrified to see added to some of my posts in the Reader section), but I’m also having a lot of fun and my list of followers is growing steadily.  And as much as I enjoy blogging, I do miss fiction writing, so I’m planning to learn all I can about e-publishing and see if I can figure out how to do that as well.  And who knows where that might lead?

It pains me to say this, but I have come to realize that my parents were right.  There is so much I want to know, so much I want to do, and learning to do it for myself is the best way.  And I’m not getting any younger…..

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  1. I completely agree with this despite being young myself. It wasn’t until a fuse needed replacing immediately that I appreciated what my dad had taught me. Every young person thinks they know the world!

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  2. Nice post, Ann. So many things in life are intimidating until we actually try it. Good for you to push forward and embrace new things. I’ve often thought about wood working myself. Maybe one day…:)

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  3. Isn’t it nice to look back on your childhood and go “oh, that’s what my parents meant!” Because I was the youngest child by quite a few years I was like an only child for a while and I loved to hang out with my dad when he was building stuff or fixing things. Sometimes he would let me help or teach me how to do things. I still use some of his tips when I’m fixing things around the house now. (BTW I think you should do a post about “the crowbar incident” whatever that is. Sounds interesting!😉)

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    • Thanks! Yes, the older I get, the more I realize that my parents did know a thing or two worth knowing. The “crowbar incident” is described in my post, “What Did You Say?” I’m not sure how to put the link in this comment section, so I added it as a link in the post. But I still think my husband makes too big a deal of it…..

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