And Now For Something Completely Different

wpid-wp-1437107400676When I checked my email this morning and saw that Steven Curtis had nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award, I have to admit that I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it.  There are lots of blogging awards floating around in the sphere, and most of them work a little bit like a chain letter:  you get nominated, you have to follow a certain set of rules (which in this case are listing five random facts about yourself), and then you have to nominate someone else’s blog.  They aren’t like most awards, where all you have to do is accept them and be grateful, and possibly buy a fancy new dress for the occasion if you happen to be receiving the award in public.   But when I followed the link back to Steven Curtis’ blog (stevenjcurtis, and it’s well worth reading), I was struck by his thoughtful answers to the “five random facts” requirement and by his kind words about my blog.  And I decided to give it a try.

So, here are my random facts:

1) I hate talking about myself.  I am a naturally a rather private person, and talking about myself never comes easily to me.  I’m always afraid that if I rattle off a list of my VERY modest accomplishments, it sounds as if I am trying to brag.  And that if I tell people what I really think, they will just think I’m strange.

2)  I am a master at worrying.  Give me any possible scenario, and I can quickly and easily imagine ten things that could go wrong.  Give me a little while to think about it, and I can come up with at least ten more. Some people tell me that means I’m a cynic.  I prefer to think of it as being prepared.  Because once I’ve identified all the things that can go wrong, then I feel more prepared to deal with the problems if they actually arise.  (Now do you understand why I’m worried people will think I’m strange when I tell them what I really think?)

3)  I really wish I had some musical talent….a good singing voice, the ability to play an instrument really well, anything would do.  As it is, I can plunk out most of the songs in “Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course, Level 1.”  And that’s it.

4) Although I absolutely love dogs and can’t imagine living without at least one in my house, I am terrified of Great Danes.  Whenever there’s a Great Dane at the Humane Society where I volunteer, I always make sure someone else walks it.  I’ll gladly walk a Mastiff, a St. Bernard, whatever; but I avoid the Great Danes.  Even though I’m sure they are fine dogs.

5)  I really don’t mind being middle aged.  Of course I’m not fond of my spreading midsection, failing eyesight, graying hair, etc. But I do like how much more comfortable I feel about being my true self now, how much deeper my friendships have become and how more willing I am to try new things, such as participating in this blog award.

I follow lots of great blogs, so it’s hard to pick, but I’ll nominate Nancy at  She writes very well on a variety of subjects, and I think you’ll enjoy it!  I know I do.

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