Middle Age Fashion Rebel

IMG_0189A friend of mine recently showed me an article in the Wall Street Journal which declared that pantyhose are back in style for middle aged women, as long as they are sheer and a natural skin color.  She knew that I had found a dress I might wear for my daughter’s upcoming wedding, but that I was wavering about buying it because it was only knee length, and that meant that I had to either have the lower half of my legs bare for the wedding, or wear a pair of panty hose with the dress.  And I had been told by several people, repeatedly and empathetically, that “no one wears pantyhose anymore.”

Although I rarely, if ever, follow fashion trends, the question of whether or not to wear hose to the wedding did trouble me a little.  As the mother of the bride, I have to walk down the aisle at the start of the ceremony, and be in several of the professional portraits, and I didn’t want to wear anything that might embarrass my daughter.  Originally, I considered solving the problem by wearing a floor length dress with bare legs hidden underneath.  Then I found out that the bridesmaids would be wearing short dresses and so would the mother of the groom, and I thought it might be odd for me to be the only person besides the bride in a floor-length dress.  Also, I am a terrible klutz, so there was a very real chance that I would trip on a long dress, and falling down in the aisle of the church or pitching head-first into the wedding cake is not a risk I’m willing to take.

Although I can now point to the article as proof positive that I am not committing a major fashion blunder by wearing hose at the wedding, I have to admit that I was planning to wear them anyway, even before I read the article.  I knew my daughter wouldn’t really care one way or the other, and I know that I’ll feel more comfortable in hose than I would without them.  It’s not just that I’m sure I’ll get blisters from shoving my bare feet into dress shoes for ten hours straight, it’s also that I have reached the age where I feel that the more of me that is covered up, the better I look.  Hose may be sheer, but they still go a long way towards hiding spider veins, small scars, the bruises I always have from encounters with rowdy shelter dogs and razor burn.

I’m even planning to up the ante by wearing control top panty hose.  My dress is a bit form-fitting, and although I have read that a good pair of Spanx can take five pounds off, I’d still rather wear the hose than a “slimming undergarment.”  (Our mothers didn’t beat around the bush; they just called them girdles.)   I would need the thigh-length one, and I don’t trust it not to show underneath my dress on a day when I might have to do a lot of bending over. I once went to a professional dog show where one of the handlers made an unfortunate choice in her combination of undergarment and skirt length.  The view each time she bent over her dog wasn’t pretty, and it’s definitely not the look I’m going for at my daughter’s wedding.

I think, even at a wedding, middle age is the time to toss fashion considerations aside and to wear what we feel comfortable in and what looks good on us.  And in this particular case, that means I’m wearing pantyhose, whether it’s fashionable or not.

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  1. Yay!

    My legs have always been bad. I wore pantyhose to Ryan’s wedding and that was five years ago. I figure I’d rather have someone think I’m out of style than have them look at my veiny, mottled legs. My feeling on the whole bare legged thing is that your legs should be good enough that people can’t tell if you’re wearing hose.

    But I was really happy to see that all of the women in Ireland wear pantyhose. We had a reception here with about 6 women from St. Louis. I could pick them out by their bare legs without having to listen to them talk first.

    The only thing I’d say is that you probably want close-toed or just peep-toe shoes. Even with my rebellion about wearing pantyhose, I’m not comfortable having my nude-toe hose sticking out of sandles.

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  2. Thanks, Dena! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who is uncomfortable with bare legs at a formal event, and I saw the photos of you at Ryan’s wedding, and you looked terrific! I will definitely wear close-toe shoes, too. Completely agree about the nude-toe hose sticking out of sandals: that does not work!

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  3. Who knew no-one wore panty hose anymore?? I guess wearing a uniform all the time and never going out I’m behind the times? But then, I never followed fashions and marched to my own fashion drummer. Tra la!

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  4. I am for wearing hose. I just saw a well dressed middle-aged woman at the dentist without hose and it took away from her professionalism. I also have beat up legs from my tomboy days and the badge of carrying babies (veins).

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