Half Way There!

I read somewhere that most people who start writing blogs abandon them within the first year.  Since I started this blog on December 3, 2014, I thought it worth noting that today marks my six-month anniversary as a blogger.  That means I’m halfway there to making it through my first year of blogging, and I have high hopes of keeping this blog going for a full year and beyond.

Before I started writing this post, I went back and re-read my first post:  And Now I Really Feel Old.  At the time, I was just proud of myself for figuring out how to actually publish a blog, and most of the details involved were still a mystery to me.  Since then, I’ve figured out a few more tricks, like how to add an archives and pictures, and how to use a photo from Sanibel as my header, but I still have so much to learn.  From what I can tell, blogs can be as detailed or as simple as we choose to make them, and I’m still struggling to find a balance that feels right to me.

It would be fun to say that I’ve got hundreds of followers and visitors to my blog page, but that would be a lie.  The last time I checked, I have exactly 60 followers, and surprisingly, not all of them are friends and family I’ve nagged into it.  In addition, each post averages about 50 visitors, but not all of those people are followers, and most followers don’t count as visitors, since they can just read my blog in their email.  I think.  But I do know that I’ve had readers from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, France, Mexico, Canada, Australia and Greece, which is pretty amazing to me, and means I can brag to everyone I know that I am an “international blogger.”

This blog has put me in touch with old friends I haven’t heard from in years, which is a tremendous gift all by itself.  Through WordPress, I’ve also connected with other bloggers who are thoughtful, interesting, and terrific writers.  I’m finally, in my middle age, back into the routine of writing regularly.  That may mean I’m even spacier than usual (I’m often thinking of what I want to say in my next post, even when I’m supposed to be paying attention to what I’m actually doing, like grocery shopping or carrying on a conversation), but I’m learning to cope with that, and so is my husband.

I’m just beginning to discover the true world of blogging, and sometimes I get frustrated by how much I still don’t know.  But I never, ever, regret starting this blog or think that it has not been worth the time and effort.  By my personal standards, my little blog has been a success and a joy to write.  And I have every confidence that in six months, I’ll be publishing my “I made it through my first year of blogging post,” and already starting to think of ideas for the post after that….

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    • Doug, sadly, I don’t really know how to link to another page. Is that how I would put the link to my very first post on it? If so, do you know how? As you can see, I’m still sort of clueless! And thanks for commenting!


      • To create a link in wordpress…think paperclip icon in the visual editor …the most succinct video I found is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxfLbqlteLU

        Now he is talking pages and you post…but the procedure is the same . The post you are looking to internally link to is ” And now I really feel old” …. You would, in the editor write, “Go Here”, or some such…highlight the text or a part of it….then click on the paperclip Icon in the editor and scroll or search for the post …and there you go.

        If this doesn’t work, or you need more explanation…just let me know. There are only about five things you need to know about WordPress.com before the gestalt….

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        • Thanks for taking the time to explain! I’m going to try that as soon as I get home this afternoon. And then I’m going to feel really proud of myself for learning one more thing about my blog, too!


        • I did it! Thanks again for taking the time to explain. The u-tube video made it so simple, and now the link is in the post. I’m starting to feel like a real blogger!

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  1. Thanks! And don’t apologize for relying on your kids for help; I do that with most anything that involves technology. Unfortunately, neither of mine are that familiar with blogging, but I have gotten some great advice from other bloggers. Like you said, learning new things is always good!


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