If It Ain’t Broke….

I was reading an article in a travel magazine recently in which the author described some of his fellow cruise passengers as “women who had found their look thirty years ago and were sticking with it.”  I read the sentence twice, and then thought, “Is that me?”  And I had to admit:  yes, it is.

When I was in my twenties, I did try to keep up with the latest fashions and experimented with different clothing styles in an effort to find a look that worked for me.  Even then, I was blessed with a “pear body shape,” which is a quaint way of saying my hips and thighs are two sizes larger than my waist. That meant not all fashion styles suited me (leggings are not a good look for women with short, chubby legs, no matter what their age), but I still managed to come up with reasonably fashionable outfits that didn’t emphasize the wrong body parts.  My look mostly consisted of dark-colored pants and skirts, topped with bright-colored (often blue) shirts and blouses, usually tucked in to draw attention to my waist rather than my hips.

Now I’m middle-aged, and not nearly so inclined to tuck in my shirts.  But otherwise, I dress pretty much the same way I always have.  Every now and then I take a stab at dressing a bit more fashionably, but it rarely works out.  Leggings and long, flowing tops are, sadly, once again in style, and I see many women my age wearing them well.  I can’t wear leggings (see reference to chubby legs in the paragraph above), and have always thought that long, flowing tops make me look like a fireplug.  Recently, I did decide to be brave and try the new styles, so I found a long, flowing top on the clearance rack, bought it, and wore it out sightseeing during our October trip to Charleston.  And I felt just like a fireplug the whole time I had it on.  I added the top to the Goodwill donation bag as soon as we got home.

I’ve decided that there’s really nothing wrong with sticking with a look that I like and feel comfortable wearing.  One of the advantages of middle age is not feeling the need to follow every fashion trend in an effort to keep up with everyone else.  I like darks jeans and slacks, and blue is still my favorite color, so there’s a lot of it in my closet.  And probably always will be.  My look may not be trendy, but who cares?  It works for me.

7 thoughts on “If It Ain’t Broke….

  1. Oh, Louise, you have my sympathy! And my admiration for dealing with that age group successfully on a daily basis…..


  2. Do men not do the same? I can’t imagine that a man in his 60’s is dressed radically different from the way he dressed in his 60’s. A fairly, and not untypically, appalling comment from the travel writer, frankly.

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  3. I agree, most men keep their “look” as they age. I think it’s also a bit easier for them because men’s fashions don’t change as radically, or as often, as women’s do. The trick is not to feel obligated to follow fashion trends we don’t care for, I think.


    • I never have…! I was accidentally “grunge” at university by dint of the fact I lived out of the men’s sections of charity shops and second hand stores. Now, my 5 year old dresses with more care and attention than I do. Much to her disapproval.

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      • Sounds familiar…young daughters can be vocal fashion critics! For me, I tend to just wear what feels right to me, and let it go at that.


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